Sigikid Mobile Wooden Rack for Mobile 49002

Sigikid Mobile Wooden Rack for Mobile 49002

  • Fully safety tested
  • Suitable for children from 0 months.
  • Size: 57,5 x 38,5 cm
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BABY: ROOM - Wooden rack for mobiles

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The set-up was a little fiddly on the bars of our cot-bed, but once it's in place it seems very sturdy. The top part can be easily manoeuvred to get it to the angle that you want. It looks a lot better than many of the tacky plastic options on the market, and goes well with wooden furnishings. It's easy to take down and tie on new mobiles, which is what I will be doing. Hope it is durable, but too early to say yet. All in all, would recommend if you're trying to avoid plastic and go for something wooden and practical.
By VADC 16 May 2018
I wanted a nice wooden mobile for my baby boy but they are all ceiling rather than cot mobiles, which is less than ideal if you rent or have very high ceilings or both. This arm is well worth the money in that it means we can buy several inexpensive wooden ceiling mobiles and switch them around. Much classier than the ugly plastic ones that come with cot attachments.

The arm is easy to attach to the cot, there is a padded bit so that the clamp part doesn't damage the actual cot. It affixes securely. It's very simple to hang the mobile safely on the end, you can swivel the arm so the mobile is out of the way when you pick up and put down your baby. You can also tilt the mobile so it's in reach during the day for supervised play and out of reach at night.

I think it's brilliant but a shame that it only comes in one finish.
By MM 12 March 2012
This was exactly what i was looking for.

It adjusts well and can easily be moved out of the way when picking baby up or putting them down.
By Kuldeep 7 August 2018
reading the other reviews I wasn't sure about this, but bought it anyway because, quite simply, i needed it - but it's actually really good! it's a really good design, and the wood is smooth and finished nicely. the bit where you adjust the height of the mobile isn't that great - you only get two positions, a bit too low or a bit too high - but that's ok. overall, nice product.
By sparrow 28 July 2012
Beautifully made, super easy to install. Fits ikea cot well. Swivels so you can face away from fron cot, great feature!
By Elmir 21 February 2018
Works for what I need it to.
By Cara Bull 29 April 2018
perfect for an individual project for s crib mobile
By Mrs. H. E. Bacon 8 June 2016
Very high quality product, which fit onto my cot without any trouble. The two wooden disks are backed by felt and screw together to hold it in place. As long as your cot doesn't have a very wide rail going across the slats I don't see how it wouldn't fit?!
By Lena 14 April 2015